Textversion für blinde und sehbehinderte Personensitemap

Moldes standard

Existing templates

Fagot F-001
Fagot F-002
Fagot F-003

Contrafagot C-001
Contrafagot C-002

Fagot barroco B-001



Fagot F-001

- Semicircular heart with flexibility of the edges
- Relatively pronounced and regular sloping of the sides
- Solid spine, end of the base steadily ascending to 1mm 

Fagot F-002

- Heart at the front in a semicircle, towards the base in a parabolic curve
- Slope of the sides beginning as in F-001, weaker to the base
- Narrow spine, ascending gently from the heart of the base to 0.9mm

Fagot F-003 (especially for basson français as well)

- Heart ascending more gradually at the front
- High flexibility of the attack between center and sides (W-form)
- Sloping of the sides similar to F-001
- Spine to the base similar to F-001

Contrafagot C-001

- Flat semicircle shape of the heart at the front
- Moderate straight slope of the lateral thickness
- Spine steadily ascending in a straight line from the moderate heart (thickness around 0.6mm) to the base (25mm from the tip 1.00mm). Thickness 25mm from the tip: 1.0m)

Contrafagot C-002

- Half-cercled shape of the heart with flexibility of the edges
- Sloping of the sides as in C-001
- Spine steadily ascending from the pronounced heart (thickness of around 0.66mm) to the base (thickness 25mm from the tip: 1.08mm)


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