Textversion für blinde und sehbehinderte Personensitemap

Moldes personales

Optimal using of the profiling machine

You reach the optimal profit of the machine working with your personal template.

Without any problems, you reproduce your ideal scrape.

Adaptations to the quality of cane can mostly be made by the left knob exclusively. The correction segments are rarely needed.

Symmetry and precision of the scrape lead to amazing results:
even very experienced oboists state that reeds, scraped with the personal template, have a quality and attack they did not know before.


Reed measuring

PDF Exemple


You send us an old finished reed with your ideal personal scrape.
For the measuring, the reed is decomposed. Both blades are measured, thus we get about 400 measuring points for the oboe and 500 for the cor anglais.

Production of the template

PDF Exemple


On the basis of the measuring points, Markus Bucher calculates and crafts your personal template.


Oboenzubehör Bucher GmbH