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Bucher Tip profiling machine for bassoon reeds

 - scraping at highest precision, not attainable by hand

 - length of the scrape: to the base (maximal length 28mm)

 - no hand corrections necessary
 - correction possibilities for all parts of the scrape 
 - thickness variable in hundredths of millimetres
 - personal and standard templates
 - consistent reproduction of the desired scrape
 - easy knife replacement without calibration
 - time-saving and easy to operate

Extension of the system for reeds for historical bassoons and contrabassoon

After a little conversion of the Bucher tip profiling machine - with exchange of the main axis - you can scrape in highest quality the reeds for historical bassoons and contrabassoon. Maximum width of the scrape 20mm, length of the scrape up to 28mm.

Template: original segment and additional segments to scrape defined areas

- Standard templates
- Personal templates

Possibilities of the scrape

Adjustment of the scraping way with the small control knob.
Maximal length of the scrape: 28mm

Adjustment of the scraping thickness in hundredths of millimetres. 
The left knob allows varying the thickness of the scrape.
Thus, the surface of the template will be copied, respectively scraped more or less deep into the cane.

Adjustment of the minimum thickness of the scrape.
The right control knob limits the lowering of the sledge and defines the minimal possible thickness of the scrape.
The purpose of this knob is
- to make scraping corrections
- to avoid a tip which is too thin, when the reed is scraped thinner
- to avoid scraping the tongue, when the left knob is put too much towards minus.

Additional scraping on four sections of the reed exactly defined by the aid of the correction segments of the template.


More than 1'000 reeds can be scraped with the round hard metal knife.
No calibration is necessary when the knife needs replacement.


Handy, stable box, packing as well as socle for the machine, size: 215x110x125mm.
Total weight: about 4kg


Sandblasted stainless steel, brass and bronze (mostly gold plated). Knife of hard metal. Template of very hard Caro-bronze (bronze with phosphorus). Bearings of bronze, axes and fixation screws of stainless steel.
Little maintenance needed.




Oboenzubehör Bucher GmbH