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Bucher AUTOMATIC UNIT for bassoon reeds

Automatically coordinated regular movements of the axis and the sledge allow for highest exactness of the scrape. Amazing precision - high-grade materials and durability.




Without your help, the machine will scrape the reed
The automatic unit stops when the scraping is finished
Regular coordinated movements of the axis and the sledge give highest exactness and smoothness of the scrape
All adjustment facilities of the manual operation are available

The mechanical inner workings of the unit is marked by the precision in the manufacture, high-grade materials and durability known from the Bucher (Tip) profiling machines.
With little effort you remove the profiling machine from its box and then attach it to the automatic unit. After having connected the 12 Volt Power Supply, you press the toggle switch and the scraping process begins.
To transport the machine without the unit, it‘s simply removed and screwed on the box.







Oboenzubehör Bucher GmbH